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Workforce Readiness

    Workforce Readiness:  A Working Definition

    Ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s workforce has the skills, competencies and behaviors to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. 

    Focus: Affiliated Chapters and State Council Plan 

    Young adults make a successful transition from high school to work life.

    • Build Relationship with the local Workforce Center Workforce Center Locations
    • Identify business people to serve on the local WFC Youth Council


    National Projects:

    Workforce Readiness reference, reading materials and resources:

    • 'Building a 21st Century World-Class Workforce' (article)
    • The Workforce Alliance (TWA) is a national coalition of community-based organizations that invest in the skills of America's workers, so they can better support their families and help American businesses better compete in today's economy.
    • Linkedin group - Workforce Analytics & Workforce Planning (Login on Linkedin, click on groups and insert the name of the group.)