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About Us

    HR that puts YOU ahead of the crowd

    The Staffing Management Association of South Florida (formerly EMA) is the only SHRM chapter in the state of Florida with an exclusive focus on recruiting, staffing and retention.


    The Staffing Management Association of South Florida (formerly Employee Management Association – EMA) is a Special Interest Chapter (SIC) of the Society of Human Resource Management, offering our members all the benefits of SHRM membership while providing specialized content focused on recruiting, staffing and retention.

    When SHRM reorganized their professional emphasis groups, SMA South Florida was the first “PEG” to be approved as a  Special  Interest  Chapter.  We were officially chartered on March 2, 2003.  Since then, we have been one of the leading resources for specialized knowledge and support to those South Florida HR professionals involved in recruiting, staffing and retention within their organizations.  The Chapter provides outstanding networking, leadership and professional development opportunities for its members through local meetings, regional and national conferences and outstanding publications.